StarCode Provides a Range of Features for Your Supermarket

Stock Control


Discounts & Promotions

Vendors Management

Customer Management

Purchase Management

Role Based Security

Invoice Generation

What's the thing you think of when you hear about supermarkets? That's right! The flashy POS on the counter ready to serve you in all your retailer and customer needs. Some might say Supermarkets and POS are made for each other. Hence, it's essential for a supermarket to have a reliable and efficient POS Software, able to manage and control the daily challenges. That is where StarCode comes in. StarCode has the capability to handle your supermarket's high volume inventory. Be it a huge proceeding or a small transaction, StarCode can quickly cater to your needs and provide the best solution. We'll give you 5 reasons to choose StarCode every time for your supermarket:

  1. Automation at It's Best.
  2. The manual tasks and processes are streamlined into automated steps. StarCode with its Inventory Management and Sales Management modules is sufficient for checking out items, maintaining and updating inventory record and issuing invoice receipts. Your cashiers can scan items quickly and easily.

    POS point of sale interface

  3. Your Profits are in Your Hands.
  4. Tracking your profits along the way becomes a hassle. StarCode provides a built-in Expense Management module so your supermarket's expenses can be tracked fully. Moreover, StarCode also supports supplier control through its Purchase Management module so you never have to worry what your vendor might be up to.

  5. Analysis is Key.
  6. A good POS Software not only manages your business needs but also provides statistics on how to improve your business processes. And StarCode does that and more. Financial reports provide an insight on the net sales and purchase cost of your supermarket. Inventory reports provide the list of items available and can be filtered to view specific products. Expense reports aid in managing expenses and outflow of your organization.

    StarCode point of sale software

  7. Retail was Never this Simple.
  8. Customers tend to know what they want when they are entering a supermarket. Hence, it is necessary that items must be readily available to build customer loyalty. The continuous transactions between supplier/vendor and your business are monitored and simplified through the use of StarCode. From demanding an item to its final sale, StarCode is able to provide all associated records and handle all required tasks.

    StarCode point of sale software

  9. Ultimate User Friendly
  10. The user interface of StarCode enhances user experience in a totally different dimension. The interaction between the user and the POS software is simple yet productive on so many levels. StarCode also supports touchscreen interfaces.
    StarCode Inventory

  11. POS System for Windows and Android
  12. Unique feature of StarCode POS for toy store is that it can run seamlessly on different devices such as Windows PC, Windows tablet, Android tablets. It is one of the best POS and inventory management system for Android devices that provides PC like features on mobile devices.

StarCode provides a range of features for its Supermarket and Retail Owners:

  • Stock Control and Management
  • Pricing
  • Barcode scanning
  • Printing product descriptions
  • Supplier Control
  • Sales Summary
  • Security

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