Complete Set of Features for Managing Your Jewelry Store

Stock Control

Barcoding & QR coding

Discounts & Promotions

Supplier Management

Customer Management

Purchase Management

Role Based Security

Invoice Generation

One of a jewelry store's biggest challenges is keeping track of all the very small, very valuable items that are the essence of the store's inventory. StarCode POS software for jewelry store not only tracks that inventory, it provides a wealth of information that the store can use for target marketing, employee management, and much more. StarCode POS for jewelry is currently available for Windows PC, tablet, and Android tablets.

StarCode point of sale for jewelry store provides rich features and solves major issues faced by jewelry retailers.

  1. Stock Management & Reporting
  2. In jewelry business it is critical managing high value but very small sized items such as rings, studs, diamonds, and precious stones. In StarCode POS for jewelry store, you can add high quality picture of any item, and that picture is shown in all interlinked modules of the software. It also provides rich features for inventory management and reporting for the jewelry items. With just one click you generate stock count value report.
    role based security in POS

  3. Roles Based Security
  4. StarCode Point of sale for jewelry store provides an easy to use interface for defining different roles and assign permissions to these roles. For example, a sales person can only have access to POS interface, and stock manager will have access to only inventory management module. Following picture shows the roles and permissions management interface of StarCode.
    role based security in POS

  5. Intuitive and User Friendly POS
  6. The user interface of StarCode POS for jewelry store enhances user experience in a totally different dimension. All of your jewelry stock items are shown with pictures in the form of touch screen buttons. You can select items by pressing these button, scanning barcode, or by typing the name of jewelry item. Intuitive interface of StarCode POS allows adding or deleting jewelry items very easy. Whether these are precious jewelry or over the counter items that you are selling, StarCode POS works as your assistant and improves your whole selling experience.
    StarCode POS for pharmacy

  7. Easy Invoice & Receipt Generation
  8. Whether you are selling high value precious jewelry for your valued customers or low priced artificial jewelry items at some event, StarCode Point of sale for jewelry store can handle all of these situations efficiently. You can easily generate invoices on large size paper or thermal receipt printers, and can switch between receipt or invoice modes with one click.
    large sales receipt
    small size sales receipt

  9. Jewelry Retail Was Never This Simple.
  10. A good POS system integrates information about what's coming in (inventory as it's received) with what's going out (sales). StarCode jewelry POS software not only will tell the store owner or manager what's in stock, but also will generate automatic purchase orders based on changes in inventory. Integrated purchase management interface of StarCode POS tracks all of your purchases. You can generate purchase order, email them to vendors, receive ordered items in full or partial and export them to inventory.
    jewelery store purchase management

  11. POS for Windows and Android Systems
  12. Unique feature of StarCode POS for jewelry is that it can run seamlessly on different devices such as Windows PC, Windows tablet, Android tablets. It is one of the best POS and inventory management system for Android devices that provides PC like features on mobile devices.

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