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When it comes to apparel retailers, the software being used to run both the front-end and the back-end of a store should cater to three different ‘users’: the upper management, the store and warehouse employees, and the customers. StarCode POS takes care of all them with it role based security mechanism.

Here are the major pain points commonly encountered by people in apparel industry. StarCode POS can solve all of these problems so that you can focus and grow your business.

  1. Role Based Security
  2. You can define different roles and assign permissions to these roles in StarCode POS for garments and boutiques business. For example, a sales person can only have access to POS interface, and purchase manager will have access to only purchase management module. Following picture shows the roles and permissions management interface of StarCode.
    role based security in POS

  3. Ultimate User Friendly
  4. The user interface of StarCode enhances user experience in a totally different dimension. The interaction between the user and the POS software is simple yet productive on so many levels. StarCode supports touchscreen interfaces. Intuitive interface of StarCode POS allows adding and editing electronics items very easy. Whether these are dresses, baby garments or other fashion items that you are selling, StarCode can works as your assistant.
    StarCode POS for garments and boutiques

  5. BarCode Label Generation
  6. With integrated barcode label generation interface, you can easily generate over 50 different types of barcodes and QR codes with just one click. Design labels for your items with simple label designer
    Barcode label generator

  7. Simple & Effective Reporting
  8. A good POS Software not only manages your business needs but also provides statistics on how to improve your business processes, StarCode does that and more. Financial reports provide an insight on the net sales and purchase cost of your store items. You can easily group sales based on category, product item, date, customer and the user. Inventory reports provide the list of items available, stock value and count and can be filtered to view specific products.
    StarCode POS reporting

    Expense reports aid in managing expenses and outflow of your organization. Tracking your profits and stock along the way becomes a hassle. StarCode generates many different stock level, expense and financial reports for your apparel business. You can easily track your top selling products, customers and low in stock products. You can generate daily, weekly, monthly or custom reports.

  9. Apparel Retail Was Never This Simple.
  10. Customers tend to know what they want when they are entering a garments store or a boutique. Hence, it is necessary that items must be readily available to build customer loyalty. The continuous transactions between supplier/vendor and your business are monitored and simplified through the use of StarCode purchase management interface. From demanding an item to its final sale, StarCode is able to provide all associated records and handle all required tasks.
    Purchase order are generated automatically based on the reorder level set. You can easily track purchase orders and receive items and export directly to stock with any easy to use purchase management interface.
    Purchase management

  11. POS System for Windows and Android
  12. Unique feature of StarCode POS for toy store is that it can run seamlessly on different devices such as Windows PC, Windows tablet, Android tablets. It is one of the best POS and inventory management system for Android devices that provides PC like features on mobile devices.

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