StarCode POS uses barcode scanning not only for POS and inventory management but logging into the system as well. This guide describes how to you use barcode scanning for logging into the StarCode POS. Gone are the days of manual authorization of your employees and the risk of anyone getting their hands on your data. StarCode comes with a built-in Barcode Generator to help you with making login cards. A barcode or qrcode can encode username and password of a user. Hence, you can generate a unqiue barcode for each user of the POS software against their username and password..

Following are the steps that you need to follow in order to create a login card.

STEP 1: From the Login option in the User menu, access the login screen. It looks like this:

StarCode POS login
  • STEP 2: Enter the user's credentials and observe the sequence of keyboard inputs. For example, as shown for an admin user:

  • Ponit of Sale Login
  • STEP 3: Record the sequence of keyboard input for login by accessing Notepad on your PC and entering the user credentials in plaintext. For example, as shown for an admin user, his username is entered, then a tab space is pressed on the keyboard, then his password is entered, and finally the enter key is pressed to login to the POS software.

  • Username and password for login
  • STEP 4: Open the Barcode Generator from the Tools menu. It looks like this:

  • barcode label generator
  • STEP 5: Copy the sequence of keyboard input from Notepad and (Select All) and paste it into the Barcode Value field of the Barcode Generator. For example, as shown for the admin user:

  • Barcode label
  • STEP 6: As observed, a barcode is generated against the details entered.

  • STEP 7: Print this barcode on your employee's identification tags.

  • STEP 8: Repeat Step 1 and then scan the printed barcode with your barcode scanner.

  • StarCode is logged in and ready to perform inventory management and POS transactions.

    StarCode also supports QR code generation which is a step ahead of the traditional barcode. This eliminates the need of remembering username and password, and employees can log fast into the system. Although this technique is best for large businesses but equally good for small businesses as well in managing multple logins.